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Why do vulnerabilities represent a risk to my Information Systems?

May 25 2017

To understand the risk that vulnerabilities represent to our Information Systems (IS) we need to first of all understand what a vulnerability is. When we talk about vulnerabilities in our IT resources we are referring to all the fragile or weak points that are considered to exist in a program or executable file installed in our systems that could be used to propagate malware or can be exploited by a hacker to gain unauthorized access to your data. 

In the last years have been multiple attacks on company’s which have had serious repercussions that seriously affect their finances and reputation. The most recent case is the so called ransomware “WannaCry”. This attack took advantage of a Windows vulnerability to succeed in its propagation affecting computers in more than 150 countries. With only a hyperlink and some social engineering this hacker achieved success. This is why it is very important to perform enterprise IT risk assessments. A vulnerability assessment tests all systems within an enterprise scanning for weak points that can adversely affect them. 

A vulnerability assessment and/or a penetration test can guarantee an enterprise at least the identification of all possible risks. Vulnerability and penetration tests are an integral part of an enterprise risk assessment. They offer valuable information on the exposure level of the company being evaluated and thus prepares them in the event an adverse security incident occurs. To the extent that the company has identified its cybersecurity risk exposure, it can implement preventive and corrective measures that will aide in the eventuality of an actual attack. 

As years go by more vulnerabilities are discovered in IT systems and with it, the level of risk to IT systems is higher. Therefore, it is recommended that companies perform a vulnerability assessment and/or penetration test on at least a yearly basis. BDO Puerto Rico has expert technical personnel that can help you plan and execute IT vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. Let our experts help you mitigate IT risks in your enterprise.