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Business Continuity Consulting and Management

When a business is faced with a threat of sudden disruption to its operations, being able to respond quickly is the key to its survival.

Disasters can occur at any time. These range from large-scale natural disasters and acts of terror to technology-related incidents and environmental incidents. The causes of the risks may vary, be it human negligence, malevolence, or natural disasters, but their likelihood and severity are no less real.

Planning for potential incidents and cyber attacks can minimize downtime. BDO provides business continuity solutions to help your organization achieve the right level of resilence.

Welcome to the New Era

In short, the way most businesses manage risk does not work anymore. Not only do we need to evolve our business continuity programs, we need to rewire the way we think about risk altogether.   Conventional approaches continue to perpetuate a "wait-for-impact" culture, forcing businesses into a defensive postu1·e rather than an opportunistic one, inhibiting their response and reaction time. lnstead, the risk management function must contribute to a culture of resilience and agility. lt's a new era of complex local, regional and global change, fraught with uncertainty and risk-but also new possibilities. Disruption can be turned frorn threat to opportunity-if organizations are agite enough to seize it. Invest in business impact analysis and risk assessment, teach your departments’ personnel the relevance and importance of operational readiness in emergency situations.  Another key aim is to encourage a culture of preparedness.  Place efforts in staff communications to secure company buy-in at all levels, from top management to the last employee.  Conducting a type of project as Business Continuity Management (BCM) can help enhance resiliency and response in the event of operational disruptions, including pandemic risks.

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